SQL Server Certifications

Microsoft offers several SQL Server Certifications, but they recently have changed the way their certification program works. The new MS certification program is much more targeted and specific, allowing for relevant way to showcase IT professional skills.

SQL Server Microsoft Certified IT Professional credentials (MCITP)

There are 3 main Microsoft Certified IT Professional credentials: Business Intelligence Developer, Database Developer and Database Administrator.

The Business Intelligence Developer is SQL Server certification for business intelligence developers and designers. It shows the developerís ability to work with multi-dimensional database models, data warehousing, analysis solutions, reports and data transformations.

The Database Developer a SQL Server certification for database designers and developers. This certification shows the SQL developerís ability to design enterprise database solution with Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Database developers are responsible for relational databases design and implementation. They use T-SQL queries to manipulate the data in the relational databases (insert, delete, modify, and select data). Database developers work with database objects like stored procedures, triggers, views, tables, temporary tables and user-defined functions.

The Database Administrator SQL Server certification is certification for database server administrators. This credential shows the ability to install and configure Microsoft SQL Server. It also demonstrates knowledge in managing relational databases systems, user accounts, database recovery, reporting, security and troubleshooting.

SQL Server Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist credentials (MCTS)

There are 2 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL Server 2005 credentials: SQL Server 2005 Technology Specialist and SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence.

The SQL Server 2005 Technology Specialist shows the ability to work with SQL Server 2005 and implement and/or maintain relational databases. The SQL Server 2005 Technology Specialist has advanced knowledge of SQL Server 2005, its tools and T-SQL. This credential is useful for web and software developers, as well as for database administrators.

The SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Technology Specialist demonstrates the ability to work with and create business intelligence solutions. The Business Intelligence Specialist has very good knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development tool suite. They have knowledge of database schemas and of debugging, and troubleshooting Business Intelligence solutions. They are proficient in T-SQL; they can use data mining algorithms, and work with SQL Server Reporting Services.