Databases and Tables

Every Relational Database management System or simply RDBMS consists of different types of database objects, the most important of the being the database table. Tables are database objects which store data. Each table has its own unique name, within a database. Database tables are exactly that tables they have columns and rows. Each table column has unique name (unique for a particular table) and each column defines what type of data it stores. The rows of the table are the actual data stored in the table, and are often called database records and database rows.

Here is how a SQL database table called Countries looks like:

Country Continent Capital Population
USA North America Washington 298,444,215
Canada North America Ottawa 33,098,932
Mexico North America Mexico 107,449,525
UK Europe London 60,609,153
Italy Europe Rome 58,133,509

The 4 columns of the table are Country, Continent, Capital and Population. This table has 5 rows for USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Italy.