MySQL Certifications

The MySQL Certification Program has several different SQL certifications available. The 4 MySQL certifications are:

CMA: Certified MySQL Associate
CMDEV: Certified MySQL Developer
CMDBA: Certified MySQL Database Administrator
CMCDBA: Certified MySQL Cluster Database Administrator

The MySQL Certified Associate credential teaches how to use MySQL regardless of the version of the product. The CMA credential serves as a basis for further MySQL certifications. This MySQL certification requires one exam.

The Certified MySQL Developer is meant for web and software developers, who will be using MySQL as database backend. To get the Certified MySQL Developer credential you need to pass 2 exams: Developer-I and Developer-II.

The Certified MySQL Database Administrator is geared towards database administrators, who will be using managing MySQL databases. To get the Certified MySQL Database Administrator credential you need to pass 2 exams: DBA-I and DBA-II.

The MySQL Cluster DBA Certification (CMCDBA) is part of the DBA exams, and is for DBA who design, manage and deploy MySQL Clusters. In order to obtain CMCDBA you need to be Certified MySQL DBA first. This certification requires one exam.

Why MySQL certification?

Having MySQL certification is beneficial for web & software developers, as well as database administrators, because it makes them more marketable. IT managers and employers in general will recognize the MySQL certifications when they need qualified IT professional to work with MySQL.

MySQL Certification Exam Prices

The price for a single MySQL certification exam is $200 USD plus any applicable taxes. The MySQL certification exam price will be quoted in local currency, depending on the candidate location.